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Midnight Rendevous

21 October 2014

DAY 4 PM UPDATE Jochen Schumann, skipper of Esimit Europa 2 contacted the media team at 15:00 CET 100 miles from the finish line. The 100ft canting keel Maxi is expected to finish the Rolex Middle Sea Race tonight at around midnight. “We have just gybe set at Lampedusa within 100 metres of the cliffs, which was spectacular.” confirmed Jochen Schumann. “We have only 6.7 knots of wind at the moment and that has been a typical day time wind speed in this race and we have had even less at night. We expect to finish the race between 10pm and midnight. We are expecting building breeze and if that happens we expect to finish before midnight and we are looking forward to arriving at the Royal Malta Yacht Club for some pasta and a glass or two of wine.” Ran is very close behind us, we can see them on the horizon with binoculars. They made a big jump at Pantelleria. We stopped for a while there but Ran went straight through at 10 knots of speed, so that made them very ...More

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21 Oct 2014
21 Oct 2014
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