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An epic adventure

31 October 2016

The Rolex Middle Sea Race is often called the world's most beautiful yacht race. The circular course evokes strong emotions within every sailor who experiences its charms. Imagery and stories abound of the scenery, wildlife and conditions encountered. The 37th edition which started on Saturday, 22 October proved no exception, and added yet another epic adventure to the legend of the race. The ramparts of Valletta were awash with colour as thousands lined the ramparts of the fortified city to witness the start. The magnificent back drop of Grand Harbour provides one of the most iconic settings in world sailing. The cannons of the Saluting Battery, high above the water, added to the pageantry afloat as flame, smoke and noise signalled the beginning of the race for 107 teams representing 25 different nations.  The 2016 race will be remembered as a race of multiple dimensions, with the only consistency being the inconsistency in the wind. Generally light for the first 24 hours, what...More

2016 Rolex Middle Sea Race Highlights

Elite Yachting in a Stunning Setting - Rolex Middle Sea Race 2016


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