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Seven Year Itch

29 September 2014

Seven Year Itch Rolex Middle Sea Race Record: A possibility for Esimit Europa 2 Racing yachts have taken a quantum leap in design and speed in recent years and as a result, world records for many famous ocean races have tumbled. One record that has stood the test of time is that of George David's RP90, Rambler. In 2007, the American maxi set a time for the Rolex Middle Sea Race, which has still to be bettered - 47 hours 55 minutes and 3 seconds.  In 2007 Rambler, and her crew, experienced tough conditions in setting a record for the Rolex Middle Sea Race that has lasted for seven years. America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race veteran, Ken Read, was on board for the record run. “The front arrived with five visible water spouts, perfectly defined and rather large, they brought a big lump to your throat.” commented Ken Read after finishing. “The third appeared in front of us and the last two formed within a couple hundred yards of Rambler. The water would start foaming and spinning in a 50 metre circle right in front of our eyes. A wild sight that I will not forget for a long time. Then came the breeze, and with it, 25-57 knots of wind for the next 20 hours. The front hatch blew off its hinges and about two hours of bailing followed this little glitch in the program. As soon as you thought you had a breather, another squall hit. Right up to the finish, where we had 53 knots of wind five minutes before entering the harbour in Malta. During one very violent squall we were literally flying off the waves - surfing at over 30 knots.   When George bought Rambler he asked that we sail in events that would show him how tough the oceans can be - Well George, I think we nailed that one.” George David plans to return to Malta for the Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2015 with his new Rambler and has high hopes of raising the bar once again. “Others have tried to beat it, notably Leopard two or three years ago and Esimit but both have failed. Rec...More

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