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Rolex Middle Sea Race

Final Results

Intermediate results are for general interest only and have no bearing on the final results of the race.

Race Event
Transit Points

Boat Name Boat Type Class TCC Elapsed Time Corrected Time Comment Pos Required Finishing Time
MASCALZONE LATINOMASCALZONE LATINO Cookson 50Cookson 50 Class 2Class 2 1.371.37 d3 h3 m8 s3270483 d4 h6 m56 s1370561 11 Generate Report
CIPPA LIPPA 8CIPPA LIPPA 8 Cookson 50Cookson 50 Class 2Class 2 1.3641.364 d3 h7 m59 s11287951 d4 h13 m6 s5392765 22 Generate Report
MAVERICKMAVERICK Infiniti46RInfiniti46R Class 1Class 1 1.4141.414 d3 h6 m14 s27281667 d4 h14 m37 s57398277 33 Generate Report
FOGGY DEWFOGGY DEW JPK 10.10JPK 10.10 Class 6Class 6 1.0031.003 d4 h14 m22 s44397364 d4 h14 m42 s36398556 44 Generate Report
CAROCARO Botin 65Botin 65 Class 1Class 1 1.4711.471 d3 h3 m47 s52272872 d4 h15 m29 s54401394 55 Generate Report
WILD JOEWILD JOE RP 60RP 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4961.496 d3 h2 m34 s4268444 d4 h15 m33 s12401592 66 Generate Report
AEGIRAEGIR Carbon ocean82Carbon ocean82 Class 1Class 1 1.4991.499 d3 h2 m45 s51269151 d4 h16 m4 s17403457 77 Generate Report
AUDAX ENERGIAAUDAX ENERGIA TP-52TP-52 Class 2Class 2 1.371.37 d3 h9 m51 s59294719 d4 h16 m9 s25403765 88 Generate Report
ARTIEARTIE J122J122 Class 5Class 5 1.0851.085 d4 h8 m9 s37374977 d4 h17 m0 s50406850 99 Generate Report
TRIFORKTRIFORK VOR 70VOR 70 Class 1Class 1 1.6881.688 d2 h18 m59 s45241185 d4 h17 m5 s20407120 1010 Generate Report
SL ENERGIES FASTWAVESL ENERGIES FASTWAVE J111J111 Class 5Class 5 1.0861.086 d4 h8 m19 s47375587 d4 h17 m18 s7407887 1111 Generate Report
RAMBLERRAMBLER 27m Canting Keel.27m Canting Keel. Class 1Class 1 1.8281.828 d2 h14 m3 s26223406 d4 h17 m26 s26408386 1212 Generate Report
TEASING MACHINETEASING MACHINE A13A13 Class 4Class 4 1.1691.169 d4 h1 m20 s0350400 d4 h17 m46 s57409617 1313 Generate Report
JIVAROJIVARO J133J133 Class 5Class 5 1.0991.099 d4 h7 m35 s2372902 d4 h17 m50 s19409819 1414 Generate Report
BOGATYRBOGATYR JPK 10.80JPK 10.80 Class 6Class 6 1.0471.047 d4 h13 m49 s2395342 d4 h18 m58 s43413923 1515 Generate Report
LAETITIALAETITIA SloopSloop Class 1Class 1 1.4611.461 d3 h6 m45 s10283510 d4 h19 m3 s28414208 1616 Generate Report
SCRICCASCRICCA Comet 38SComet 38S Class 6Class 6 1.0471.047 d4 h13 m59 s1395941 d4 h19 m9 s10414550 1717 Generate Report
DHL-ADELASIA DI TORRESDHL-ADELASIA DI TORRES M37 M37 Class 6Class 6 1.0491.049 d4 h14 m24 s10397450 d4 h19 m48 s45416925 1818 Generate Report
XP-ACTXP-ACT XP 44XP 44 Class 4Class 4 1.1361.136 d4 h6 m17 s5368225 d4 h20 m11 s43418303 1919 Generate Report
CANEVEL SPUMANTICANEVEL SPUMANTI first 40first 40 Class 5Class 5 1.0821.082 d4 h11 m24 s37386677 d4 h20 m13 s4418384 2020 Generate Report
IL CORVOIL CORVO GS 43'GS 43' Class 4Class 4 1.1021.102 d4 h9 m53 s34381214 d4 h20 m41 s37420097 2121 Generate Report
ELUSIVE 2 ELUSIVE 2 Beneteau First 45Beneteau First 45 Class 4Class 4 1.1071.107 d4 h9 m33 s34380014 d4 h20 m51 s15420675 2222 Generate Report
XPRESSOXPRESSO XP 44XP 44 Class 4Class 4 1.1311.131 d4 h7 m32 s3372723 d4 h21 m5 s49421549 2323 Generate Report
SEAWOLFSEAWOLF Pronavia 38Pronavia 38 Class 6Class 6 1.0341.034 d4 h19 m23 s33415413 d4 h23 m18 s57429537 2424 Generate Report
GEISHAGEISHA IMX40IMX40 Class 5Class 5 1.0821.082 d4 h14 m18 s21397101 d4 h23 m21 s3429663 2525 Generate Report
PETROUCHKA IIIPETROUCHKA III one offone off Class 4Class 4 1.1091.109 d4 h11 m39 s29387569 d4 h23 m23 s34429814 2626 Generate Report
TON TON MALTACHARTERSTON TON MALTACHARTERS Dufour 44PDufour 44P Class 5Class 5 1.0871.087 d4 h13 m57 s15395835 d4 h23 m31 s12430272 2727 Generate Report
ZENHEA TAKESHAZENHEA TAKESHA MILIUS 49MILIUS 49 Class 3Class 3 1.1921.192 d4 h4 m31 s15361875 d4 h23 m49 s15431355 2828 Generate Report
SKYSKY ELAN 450ELAN 450 Class 5Class 5 1.0881.088 d4 h14 m10 s46396646 d4 h23 m52 s30431550 2929 Generate Report
DAMACLEDAMACLE J122J122 Class 5Class 5 1.0771.077 d4 h15 m43 s15402195 d5 h0 m19 s24433164 3030 Generate Report
T'ALAT'ALA Swan 45Swan 45 Class 3Class 3 1.1861.186 d4 h5 m51 s19366679 d5 h0 m48 s1434881 3131 Generate Report
LADY FIRSTLADY FIRST GS 50 GS 50 Class 4Class 4 1.1591.159 d4 h8 m18 s11375491 d5 h0 m53 s14435194 3232 Generate Report
UNICAUNICA Solaris One 42Solaris One 42 Class 5Class 5 1.0841.084 d4 h15 m37 s32401852 d5 h1 m0 s7435607 3333 Generate Report
High Spirit 40 Sailing TeamHigh Spirit 40 Sailing Team Bermudian SloopBermudian Sloop Class 5Class 5 1.0981.098 d4 h14 m12 s55396775 d5 h1 m0 s58435658 3434 Generate Report
XPEDITEXPEDITE xp44xp44 Class 4Class 4 1.1391.139 d4 h10 m19 s25382765 d5 h1 m6 s9435969 3535 Generate Report
SAGOLA BIOTRADINGSAGOLA BIOTRADING GRAND SOLEIL 37 B&CGRAND SOLEIL 37 B&C Class 6Class 6 1.0411.041 d4 h20 m55 s5420905 d5 h1 m42 s42438162 3636 Generate Report
FROGFOOTFROGFOOT Ker40Ker40 Class 3Class 3 1.2031.203 d4 h5 m30 s59365459 d5 h2 m7 s27439647 3737 Generate Report
AMBERSAILAMBERSAIL VO 60VO 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4241.424 d3 h13 m47 s5308825 d5 h2 m9 s26439766 3838 Generate Report
BAMBAM Sunfast 3600Sunfast 3600 Class 6Class 6 1.0361.036 d4 h22 m27 s14426434 d5 h2 m43 s5441785 3939 Generate Report
2HARD2HARD J109J109 Class 6Class 6 1.0081.008 d5 h1 m46 s32438392 d5 h2 m44 s59441899 RDGRDG 4040 Generate Report
MACROPUSMACROPUS First 40.7First 40.7 Class 5Class 5 1.071.07 d4 h18 m48 s54413334 d5 h2 m51 s7442267 4141 Generate Report
DAVANTI TYRESDAVANTI TYRES GS 54GS 54 Class 4Class 4 1.1591.159 d4 h11 m11 s12385872 d5 h4 m13 s45447225 4242 Generate Report
LUNZ AM MEERLUNZ AM MEER Swan 651Swan 651 Class 4Class 4 1.1741.174 d4 h10 m11 s21382281 d5 h4 m39 s57448797 4343 Generate Report
SELMA RACINGSELMA RACING J 122J 122 Class 5Class 5 1.0811.081 d4 h19 m24 s21415461 d5 h4 m45 s13449113 4444 Generate Report
JOLOU JOLOU J/122J/122 Class 5Class 5 1.0821.082 d4 h19 m21 s24415284 d5 h4 m48 s57449337 4545 Generate Report
KNYAZ JAROSLAVKNYAZ JAROSLAV Archambault 40Archambault 40 Class 5Class 5 1.0741.074 d4 h20 m27 s19419239 d5 h5 m4 s22450262 4646 Generate Report
KABESTAN INTUITIONKABESTAN INTUITION Reflex 38Reflex 38 Class 6Class 6 1.0411.041 d5 h0 m9 s31432571 d5 h5 m5 s6450306 4747 Generate Report
LITTLE EMILYLITTLE EMILY First40.7First40.7 Class 6Class 6 1.0471.047 d4 h23 m47 s34431254 d5 h5 m25 s22451522 4848 Generate Report
MARINA DE CASCAIS-GIULIETTAMARINA DE CASCAIS-GIULIETTA DC1200CrDC1200Cr Class 5Class 5 1.0631.063 d4 h22 m1 s19424879 d5 h5 m27 s26451646 4949 Generate Report
GREEN DRAGONGREEN DRAGON Volvo Open 70Volvo Open 70 Class 1Class 1 1.6421.642 d3 h4 m36 s19275779 d5 h5 m47 s9452829 5050 Generate Report
ROSATOM SAILING TEAMROSATOM SAILING TEAM Elan 350Elan 350 Class 6Class 6 1.0481.048 d5 h0 m23 s39433419 d5 h6 m10 s23454223 5151 Generate Report
WINSOMEWINSOME S&S 41 S&S 41 Class 6Class 6 0.9890.989 d5 h8 m3 s29461009 d5 h6 m38 s57455937 5252 Generate Report
JUKEBOXJUKEBOX IMX 40IMX 40 Class 5Class 5 1.0691.069 d4 h22 m32 s16426736 d5 h6 m43 s0456180 5353 Generate Report
Prospettica Prospettica COMET 41SCOMET 41S Class 5Class 5 1.0731.073 d4 h22 m14 s3425643 d5 h6 m51 s54456714 5454 Generate Report
DUFFYDUFFY Dufour 34eDufour 34e Class 6Class 6 0.980.98 d5 h9 m28 s4466084 d5 h6 m52 s42456762 5555 Generate Report
FAVORITFAVORIT Farr 40Farr 40 Class 4Class 4 1.1641.164 d4 h13 m5 s10392710 d5 h6 m58 s34457114 5656 Generate Report
UNA VELA PER LA VITA BIT2WINUNA VELA PER LA VITA BIT2WIN TRIPP 36TRIPP 36 Class 6Class 6 1.0191.019 d5 h6 m3 s2453782 d5 h8 m26 s43462403 5757 Generate Report
SharkShark SUN FAST 3200SUN FAST 3200 Class 6Class 6 0.9930.993 d5 h9 m47 s4467224 d5 h8 m52 s33463953 5858 Generate Report
GAGARINGAGARIN FIRST 47.7FIRST 47.7 Class 5Class 5 1.0751.075 d5 h0 m5 s41432341 d5 h9 m6 s6464766 5959 Generate Report
FREYJAFREYJA Elan 40 RacingElan 40 Racing Class 6Class 6 1.0321.032 d5 h5 m10 s42450642 d5 h9 m11 s2465062 6060 Generate Report
BENEMEDOBENEMEDO Italia Yachts 9.98Italia Yachts 9.98 Class 6Class 6 1.0311.031 d5 h5 m24 s52451492 d5 h9 m18 s8465488 6161 Generate Report
MUNJEK FMUNJEK F Archzambault M 34Archzambault M 34 Class 4Class 4 1.1721.172 d4 h14 m33 s41398021 d5 h9 m34 s40466480 6262 Generate Report
ILLUMIA12ILLUMIA12 Class950Class950 Class 4Class 4 1.1321.132 d4 h18 m49 s30413370 d5 h9 m58 s54467934 6363 Generate Report
MONTRACHETMONTRACHET Swan 48Swan 48 Class 4Class 4 1.1121.112 d4 h21 m24 s9422649 d5 h10 m33 s5469985 6464 Generate Report
ORSO BRILLOORSO BRILLO GRAND SOLEIL 45GRAND SOLEIL 45 Class 5Class 5 1.0581.058 d5 h4 m28 s33448113 d5 h11 m41 s43474103 6565 Generate Report
BELKA 2BELKA 2 Raketa 1200Raketa 1200 Class 3Class 3 1.2041.204 d4 h13 m26 s34393994 d5 h11 m46 s8474368 6666 Generate Report
VAQUITAVAQUITA Class 40Class 40 Class 3Class 3 1.2421.242 d4 h13 m4 s43392683 d5 h15 m28 s32487712 6767 Generate Report
SWEET ALOHASWEET ALOHA First 40.7First 40.7 Class 6Class 6 1.0431.043 d5 h9 m55 s43467743 d5 h15 m30 s55487855 6868 Generate Report
SCIARA Aeronautica MilitareSCIARA Aeronautica Militare First 44.7First 44.7 Class 5Class 5 1.0951.095 d5 h3 m59 s15446355 d5 h15 m45 s58488758 6969 Generate Report
MUCA MACA - TAMAR RACINGMUCA MACA - TAMAR RACING Xp 44Xp 44 Class 4Class 4 1.1071.107 d5 h4 m21 s10447670 d5 h17 m39 s30495570 7070 Generate Report
TALANTATALANTA Pogo 40S2Pogo 40S2 Class 2Class 2 1.2861.286 d4 h12 m0 s48388848 d5 h18 m54 s18500058 7171 Generate Report
WEREWOLF OF FIVE STARWEREWOLF OF FIVE STAR Farr 45Farr 45 Class 3Class 3 1.2151.215 d4 h18 m56 s29413789 d5 h19 m39 s13502753 7272 Generate Report
WAYPOINTWAYPOINT POGO S1POGO S1 Class 3Class 3 1.2531.253 d4 h16 m9 s52403792 d5 h20 m32 s31505951 7373 Generate Report
SRNA VSRNA V Bavaria 46 Cruiser Bavaria 46 Cruiser Class 5Class 5 1.0821.082 d5 h10 m51 s16471076 d5 h21 m35 s4509704 7474 Generate Report
GEMERVESCENCEGEMERVESCENCE one offone off Class 6Class 6 1.0491.049 d5 h15 m51 s7489067 d5 h22 m30 s31513031 7575 Generate Report
BELLA SASSYBELLA SASSY Vision 50Vision 50 Class 5Class 5 1.0911.091 d5 h11 m52 s34474754 d5 h23 m52 s36517956 7676 Generate Report
SKIPPERCLUBSKIPPERCLUB Elan 431Elan 431 Class 6Class 6 1.021.02 d5 h22 m35 s41513341 d6 h1 m26 s47523607 7777 Generate Report
PATRICIA 2 TEAM POGOPATRICIA 2 TEAM POGO Pogo 40-1Pogo 40-1 Class 3Class 3 1.2091.209 d5 h4 m27 s9448029 d6 h6 m27 s47541667 7878 Generate Report
OZOZ OPEN 60OPEN 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4391.439 d5 h4 m17 s27447447 d7 h10 m51 s16643876 7979 Generate Report
AMAPOLAAMAPOLA BENETEAU OCEANIS 430BENETEAU OCEANIS 430 Class 6Class 6 0.9870.987 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
BRISTOLIAN BRISTOLIAN CNB 92CNB 92 Class 2Class 2 1.2931.293 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
DU4DU4 Dufour 45 performanceDufour 45 performance Class 5Class 5 1.0761.076 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
GLEVGLEV rm 12.60rm 12.60 Class 5Class 5 1.0911.091 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
LEONLEON NSX 42 NSX 42 Class 4Class 4 1.1161.116 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
MONOMOTAPAMONOMOTAPA SWAN 46 MK1SWAN 46 MK1 Class 6Class 6 1.0361.036 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
OCEARCHOCEARCH Imoca 60Imoca 60 Class 1Class 1 1.6391.639 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
OTRA VEZOTRA VEZ J 122J 122 Class 5Class 5 1.0861.086 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
OTRA VEZ J 122J 122 Class 5Class 5 1.0861.086 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
PATA NEGRAPATA NEGRA Lombard46 IRCLombard46 IRC Class 4Class 4 1.1721.172 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
PERFORMANCE YACHT RACING JARHEADPERFORMANCE YACHT RACING JARHEAD J109J109 Class 6Class 6 1.0131.013 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
PORFAVORPORFAVOR Dufour P 40Dufour P 40 Class 6Class 6 1.0371.037 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
RoccabellaRoccabella Baltic 45Baltic 45 Class 3Class 3 1.2531.253 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
SKYESKYE Swan 53Swan 53 Class 5Class 5 1.0771.077 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
Team Van Uden Performance Yacht Racing Team Van Uden Performance Yacht Racing TP52TP52 Class 2Class 2 1.3761.376 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report
TURKISH AIRLINES RACING TEAM- BLACK BETTYTURKISH AIRLINES RACING TEAM- BLACK BETTY Open70Open70 Class 1Class 1 1.6411.641 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 9595 Generate Report