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Rolex Middle Sea Race

Final Results

Intermediate results are for general interest only and have no bearing on the final results of the race.

Race Event
Transit Points

Boat Name Boat Type Class TCC Elapsed Time Corrected Time Comment Pos Required Finishing Time
B2B2 IRC 52IRC 52 Class 2Class 2 1.3891.389 d3 h1 m19 s54263994 d4 h5 m51 s27366687 11 Generate Report
NIKKA SIXTY FIVENIKKA SIXTY FIVE 65' sloop65' sloop Class 2Class 2 1.3891.389 d3 h3 m3 s30270210 d4 h8 m15 s21375321 22 Generate Report
EMMAEMMA Swan 60Swan 60 Class 2Class 2 1.3351.335 d3 h6 m26 s7282367 d4 h8 m42 s39376959 33 Generate Report
ALEGREALEGRE Mills72Mills72 Class 1Class 1 1.5851.585 d2 h18 m25 s5239105 d4 h9 m16 s21378981 44 Generate Report
CantankerousCantankerous Cookson 50Cookson 50 Class 2Class 2 1.3691.369 d3 h5 m2 s49277369 d4 h9 m28 s38379718 55 Generate Report
WILD JOEWILD JOE R/P CUSTOM 60R/P CUSTOM 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4881.488 d2 h23 m38 s26257906 d4 h10 m36 s4383764 66 Generate Report
CAROCARO Botin IRC65Botin IRC65 Class 1Class 1 1.4841.484 d2 h23 m54 s8258848 d4 h10 m42 s10384130 77 Generate Report
ROBERTISSIMA IIIROBERTISSIMA III MINI MAXI 72MINI MAXI 72 Class 1Class 1 1.591.59 d2 h19 m39 s28243568 d4 h11 m34 s33387273 88 Generate Report
Morning Glory Morning Glory Z86Z86 Class 1Class 1 1.7031.703 d2 h16 m12 s19231139 d4 h13 m20 s29393629 99 Generate Report
SPEEDYSPEEDY MARTEN 49MARTEN 49 Class 2Class 2 1.2541.254 d3 h16 m33 s9318789 d4 h15 m2 s41399761 1010 Generate Report
OTRA VEZOTRA VEZ J 122J 122 Class 4Class 4 1.0891.089 d4 h6 m21 s39368499 d4 h15 m28 s15401295 1111 Generate Report
EOSEOS ELAN 410ELAN 410 Class 4Class 4 1.0671.067 d4 h8 m29 s40376180 d4 h15 m29 s44401384 1212 Generate Report
PITA MAHAPITA MAHA X-40X-40 Class 4Class 4 1.0651.065 d4 h8 m48 s34377314 d4 h15 m37 s19401839 1313 Generate Report
OILTANKING JUNOOILTANKING JUNO J 133J 133 Class 3Class 3 1.1181.118 d4 h3 m58 s5359885 d4 h15 m45 s51402351 1414 Generate Report
SAGOLA BIOTRADING SAGOLA BIOTRADING Grand Soleil 37Grand Soleil 37 Class 4Class 4 1.0381.038 d4 h11 m44 s58387898 d4 h15 m50 s38402638 1515 Generate Report
BLACK BULLBLACK BULL J 111J 111 Class 4Class 4 1.0941.094 d4 h7 m47 s5373625 d4 h17 m32 s25408745 1616 Generate Report
Xp-actXp-act XP 44XP 44 Class 3Class 3 1.1381.138 d4 h4 m21 s11361271 d4 h18 m12 s6411126 1717 Generate Report
THREE SISTERSTHREE SISTERS Beneteau First 40.7Beneteau First 40.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0571.057 d4 h13 m0 s25392425 d4 h19 m13 s13414793 1818 Generate Report
FREYJAFREYJA ELAN 40ELAN 40 Class 4Class 4 1.0341.034 d4 h16 m39 s30405570 d4 h20 m29 s19419359 1919 Generate Report
AmapolaAmapola Oceanis 430Oceanis 430 Class 4Class 4 0.9770.977 d4 h23 m19 s31429571 d4 h20 m34 s50419690 2020 Generate Report
DUFFY of Marina di PolicoroDUFFY of Marina di Policoro Dufour 34e PerformanceDufour 34e Performance Class 4Class 4 0.9810.981 d4 h23 m17 s1429421 d4 h21 m1 s2421262 2121 Generate Report
HAKUNA MATATAHAKUNA MATATA SUN FAST 3200SUN FAST 3200 Class 4Class 4 0.9890.989 d4 h22 m28 s15426495 d4 h21 m10 s3421803 2222 Generate Report
ARTIE-RTFXARTIE-RTFX J122J122 Class 4Class 4 1.0881.088 d4 h11 m41 s54387714 d4 h21 m10 s32421832 2323 Generate Report
Vikesha IIVikesha II Xp 44Xp 44 Class 3Class 3 1.1371.137 d4 h7 m24 s30372270 d4 h21 m34 s30423270 2424 Generate Report
ELUSIVE IIELUSIVE II First 45First 45 Class 3Class 3 1.1231.123 d4 h8 m49 s43377383 d4 h21 m43 s21423801 2525 Generate Report
CapricciricciCapricciricci X 55X 55 Class 2Class 2 1.2061.206 d4 h1 m50 s37352237 d4 h21 m59 s57424797 2626 Generate Report
JSTORMJSTORM J 111J 111 Class 4Class 4 1.0951.095 d4 h12 m9 s15389355 d4 h22 m25 s43426343 2727 Generate Report
MUSICMUSIC Swan 53Swan 53 Class 3Class 3 1.121.12 d4 h10 m3 s53381833 d4 h22 m47 s32427652 2828 Generate Report
LA REPONSELA REPONSE First 40First 40 Class 4Class 4 1.0831.083 d4 h13 m43 s11394991 d4 h22 m49 s35427775 2929 Generate Report
KING'S LEGENDKING'S LEGEND Swan 65Swan 65 Class 3Class 3 1.1451.145 d4 h7 m48 s17373697 d4 h22 m51 s23427883 3030 Generate Report
Tres AmisTres Amis ELANELAN Class 4Class 4 1.0771.077 d4 h14 m28 s25397705 d4 h22 m58 s48428328 3131 Generate Report
COURRIER DU COEURCOURRIER DU COEUR First 44.7 First 44.7 Class 3Class 3 1.1151.115 d4 h10 m44 s31384271 d4 h23 m1 s2428462 3232 Generate Report
MUCA MACA - Tamar racingMUCA MACA - Tamar racing Xp 44Xp 44 Class 3Class 3 1.1121.112 d4 h11 m3 s55385435 d4 h23 m3 s23428603 3333 Generate Report
BLUCOLOMBREBLUCOLOMBRE FIRST 40.7FIRST 40.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0581.058 d4 h16 m37 s15405435 d4 h23 m9 s10428950 3434 Generate Report
TON TON maltacharters.comTON TON Dufour 44 PerformanceDufour 44 Performance Class 4Class 4 1.0781.078 d4 h14 m33 s26398006 d4 h23 m10 s50429050 3535 Generate Report
TRUSTMARQUE QUOKKATRUSTMARQUE QUOKKA Grand Soleil 43Grand Soleil 43 Class 4Class 4 1.0971.097 d4 h12 m44 s5391445 d4 h23 m16 s55429415 3636 Generate Report
UNICAUNICA Solaris One 42Solaris One 42 Class 4Class 4 1.0951.095 d4 h12 m56 s57392217 d4 h23 m17 s57429477 3737 Generate Report
Kuka-LightKuka-Light One Off 42One Off 42 Class 1Class 1 1.431.43 d3 h11 m44 s2301442 d4 h23 m44 s22431062 3838 Generate Report
KABESTAN INTUITIONKABESTAN INTUITION Reflex 38Reflex 38 Class 4Class 4 1.0451.045 d4 h18 m38 s37412717 d4 h23 m48 s9431289 3939 Generate Report
COMANCHE RAIDER II GASANMAMOCOMANCHE RAIDER II GASANMAMO ILC 40ILC 40 Class 3Class 3 1.1411.141 d4 h9 m12 s0378720 d5 h0 m1 s59432119 4040 Generate Report
WindrivenWindriven Dehler 34Dehler 34 Class 4Class 4 1.0171.017 d4 h22 m15 s53425753 d5 h0 m16 s30432990 4141 Generate Report
LIBERTINELIBERTINE COMET 45 SCOMET 45 S Class 3Class 3 1.1341.134 d4 h10 m12 s29382349 d5 h0 m26 s23433583 4242 Generate Report
CLEMCLEM Swan 56Swan 56 Class 3Class 3 1.1581.158 d4 h8 m22 s55375775 d5 h0 m52 s27435147 4343 Generate Report
AuroraAurora canard 41canard 41 Class 4Class 4 1.0861.086 d4 h15 m34 s33401673 d5 h1 m10 s16436216 4444 Generate Report
SEAWOLF OF SOUTHAMPTONSEAWOLF OF SOUTHAMPTON Pronavia 38Pronavia 38 Class 4Class 4 1.041.04 d4 h20 m31 s20419480 d5 h1 m10 s59436259 4545 Generate Report
ENCOREENCORE First 40.7First 40.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0561.056 d4 h18 m58 s3413883 d5 h1 m24 s20437060 4646 Generate Report
TWT UCOMMTWT UCOMM Class 40Class 40 Class 2Class 2 1.2611.261 d4 h0 m17 s35346655 d5 h1 m25 s31437131 4747 Generate Report
StrekozaStrekoza Salona 41Salona 41 Class 4Class 4 1.0741.074 d4 h17 m18 s44407924 d5 h1 m41 s50438110 4848 Generate Report
KRASOTKAKRASOTKA B&C41B&C41 Class 3Class 3 1.1231.123 d4 h12 m33 s4390784 d5 h1 m54 s10438850 4949 Generate Report
GAETANAGAETANA Swan 651Swan 651 Class 3Class 3 1.1691.169 d4 h8 m18 s34375514 d5 h1 m56 s15438975 5050 Generate Report
PROSPETTICAPROSPETTICA Comet 41SComet 41S Class 4Class 4 1.0821.082 d4 h16 m59 s40406780 d5 h2 m15 s35440135 5151 Generate Report
LILLALILLA CNB 76CNB 76 Class 3Class 3 1.1971.197 d4 h6 m32 s15369135 d5 h2 m44 s14441854 5252 Generate Report
AK 47AK 47 BENETEAU FIRST 45BENETEAU FIRST 45 Class 3Class 3 1.11.1 d4 h15 m46 s7402367 d5 h2 m56 s43442603 5353 Generate Report
REBEL URBAN HOTEL DESIGNREBEL URBAN HOTEL DESIGN first 40first 40 Class 4Class 4 1.0811.081 d4 h17 m49 s50409790 d5 h3 m3 s2442982 5454 Generate Report
ESCAPE BY TOMMY HILFIGERESCAPE BY TOMMY HILFIGER First 47.7First 47.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0711.071 d4 h19 m8 s46414526 d5 h3 m19 s17443957 5555 Generate Report
HIGH SPIRITHIGH SPIRIT First 44.7First 44.7 Class 3Class 3 1.1051.105 d4 h15 m46 s17402377 d5 h3 m30 s26444626 5656 Generate Report
LITTLE EMILYLITTLE EMILY First 40.7First 40.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0441.044 d4 h22 m26 s47426407 d5 h3 m39 s28445168 5757 Generate Report
August Rush Beta PaintsAugust Rush Beta Paints Pacer 376Pacer 376 Class 3Class 3 1.1241.124 d4 h14 m11 s16396676 d5 h3 m51 s3445863 5858 Generate Report
SciaraSciara First 44.7First 44.7 Class 3Class 3 1.1141.114 d4 h15 m12 s53400373 d5 h3 m53 s35446015 5959 Generate Report
LION LOGICLION LOGIC Reflex 38Reflex 38 Class 4Class 4 1.0641.064 d4 h20 m31 s18419478 d5 h3 m58 s44446324 6060 Generate Report
DUSTOMDUSTOM Salona 37Salona 37 Class 4Class 4 1.0351.035 d4 h23 m50 s9431409 d5 h4 m1 s48446508 6161 Generate Report
Moon ShineMoon Shine Cori 52.5Cori 52.5 Class 2Class 2 1.3511.351 d3 h11 m15 s49299749 d4 h16 m29 s20404960 SCPSCP 6262 Generate Report
MONTRACHETMONTRACHET Swan 48Swan 48 Class 3Class 3 1.1111.111 d4 h15 m31 s15401475 d5 h4 m10 s38447038 TPTP 6363 Generate Report
KNYAZKNYAZ Arcambault 40Arcambault 40 Class 4Class 4 1.0861.086 d4 h18 m53 s26413606 d5 h4 m46 s16449176 6464 Generate Report
JOKER JOKER Bavaria Vision 50Bavaria Vision 50 Class 3Class 3 1.1041.104 d4 h17 m2 s39406959 d5 h4 m48 s2449282 6565 Generate Report
GALILEOGALILEO FIRST 47.7FIRST 47.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0821.082 d4 h20 m31 s56419516 d5 h6 m5 s16453916 6666 Generate Report
JUKEBOX TRYSAILJUKEBOX TRYSAIL IMX 40IMX 40 Class 4Class 4 1.0851.085 d4 h20 m17 s8418628 d5 h6 m10 s11454211 6767 Generate Report
BELLAMIABELLAMIA Sun Fast 43Sun Fast 43 Class 4Class 4 1.0821.082 d4 h22 m8 s32425312 d5 h7 m49 s47460187 6868 Generate Report
ANNAANNA Mobile 53Mobile 53 Class 2Class 2 1.2341.234 d4 h7 m47 s1373621 d5 h8 m4 s8461048 6969 Generate Report
FULCRUM IIFULCRUM II Class 40Class 40 Class 2Class 2 1.3111.311 d4 h2 m2 s25352945 d5 h8 m31 s50462710 7070 Generate Report
MONSTER PROJECTMONSTER PROJECT VOLVO 70VOLVO 70 Class 1Class 1 1.6511.651 d3 h6 m9 s56281396 d5 h9 m3 s4464584 7171 Generate Report
LANDELANDE Azuree 40Azuree 40 Class 4Class 4 1.091.09 d4 h22 m18 s38425918 d5 h9 m13 s51465231 TPTP 7272 Generate Report
LURIGNALURIGNA Baltic 56Baltic 56 Class 2Class 2 1.2671.267 d4 h6 m5 s38367538 d5 h9 m21 s10465670 7373 Generate Report
GLOBAL YACHT RACING - EH01GLOBAL YACHT RACING - EH01 First 47.7First 47.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0991.099 d4 h21 m58 s45424725 d5 h9 m56 s1467761 TPTP 7474 Generate Report
SHAMLORSHAMLOR Nacira 67Nacira 67 Class 1Class 1 1.4381.438 d3 h19 m45 s0330300 d5 h11 m56 s11474971 7575 Generate Report
LUNZ AM MEERLUNZ AM MEER Swan 651 / 07Swan 651 / 07 Class 3Class 3 1.1941.194 d4 h14 m55 s55399355 d5 h12 m27 s9476829 7676 Generate Report
ATAMEATAME Fast 42Fast 42 Class 3Class 3 1.1091.109 d4 h23 m37 s50430670 d5 h12 m40 s13477613 7777 Generate Report
WAYPOINTWAYPOINT Class 40Class 40 Class 2Class 2 1.2841.284 d4 h8 m59 s46377986 d5 h14 m48 s54485334 7878 Generate Report
AQUIS GRANUSAQUIS GRANUS Lutra 52Lutra 52 Class 2Class 2 1.271.27 d4 h11 m38 s57387537 d5 h16 m42 s51492171 7979 Generate Report
Big OneBig One WOR 60WOR 60 Class 1Class 1 1.4061.406 d4 h2 m59 s37356377 d5 h19 m11 s6501066 8080 Generate Report
EXTREME SAIL ACADEMYEXTREME SAIL ACADEMY Class 40Class 40 Class 2Class 2 1.2741.274 d4 h13 m28 s59394139 d5 h19 m28 s53502133 8181 Generate Report
BLACK CAT BLACK CAT Elan 310Elan 310 Class 4Class 4 0.9780.978 d6 h3 m33 s10531190 d6 h0 m18 s23519503 8282 Generate Report
FEKRUNAFEKRUNA OCEANIS 411 CELEBRATIONOCEANIS 411 CELEBRATION Class 4Class 4 0.9940.994 d6 h3 m47 s48532068 d6 h2 m54 s35528875 8383 Generate Report
OJALA' IIOJALA' II IOR One TonnerIOR One Tonner Class 4Class 4 0.9330.933 d6 h16 m34 s58578098 d6 h5 m49 s25539365 8484 Generate Report
AZUREEAZUREE Azuree 33Azuree 33 Class 4Class 4 1.0221.022 d6 h3 m16 s26530186 d6 h6 m30 s50541850 8585 Generate Report
INFANTAINFANTA One Off YawlOne Off Yawl Class 4Class 4 0.950.95 d6 h14 m31 s17570677 d6 h6 m35 s43542143 8686 Generate Report
GAGARINGAGARIN First 47.7First 47.7 Class 4Class 4 1.0841.084 d6 h2 m12 s30526350 d6 h14 m29 s23570563 8787 Generate Report
MANANAMANANA OCEANIS 523OCEANIS 523 Class 4Class 4 1.0871.087 d6 h2 m10 s31526231 d6 h14 m53 s33572013 8888 Generate Report
SKIPPERCLUBSKIPPERCLUB Elan 431Elan 431 Class 4Class 4 1.0151.015 d6 h15 m49 s30575370 d6 h18 m13 s20584000 8989 Generate Report
LiberaLibera COMET 51SCOMET 51S Class 3Class 3 1.1341.134 d4 h18 m1 s1410461 d5 h9 m17 s42465462 SCPSCP 9090 Generate Report
Bavaria MLT52Bavaria MLT52 Vision 50Vision 50 Class 4Class 4 1.0681.068 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 9292 Generate Report
POKEKIAKKIEREPOKEKIAKKIERE ELAN 340ELAN 340 Class 4Class 4 0.9930.993 d6 h5 m28 s32538112 d6 h4 m25 s45534345 RAFRAF 9292 Generate Report