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Rolex Middle Sea Race

Final Results

Intermediate results are for general interest only and have no bearing on the final results of the race.

Race Event
Transit Points

Boat Name Boat Type Class GPH Elapsed Time Corrected Time Comment Pos Required Finishing Time
MASCALZONE LATINOMASCALZONE LATINO Cookson 50Cookson 50 Class 2Class 2 459.7459.7 d3 h12 m4 s30302670 d3 h7 m22 s31285751 11 Generate Report
B2B2 IRC 52 IRC 52 Class 1Class 1 442.3442.3 d3 h10 m52 s1298321 d3 h9 m19 s11292751 22 Generate Report
THREE SISTERSTHREE SISTERS Beneteau First 40.7Beneteau First 40.7 Class 6Class 6 609.1609.1 d4 h21 m21 s59422519 d3 h11 m43 s25301405 33 Generate Report
ARTIEARTIE J122J122 Class 5Class 5 578.0578.0 d4 h15 m11 s0400260 d3 h11 m56 s4302164 44 Generate Report
CANEVEL SPUMANTICANEVEL SPUMANTI First 40 crFirst 40 cr Class 5Class 5 585.3585.3 d4 h17 m12 s4407524 d3 h12 m23 s52303832 55 Generate Report
SAGOLA-BIOTRADINGSAGOLA-BIOTRADING Grand Soleil 37Grand Soleil 37 Class 6Class 6 618.1618.1 d4 h23 m54 s17431657 d3 h12 m41 s7304867 66 Generate Report
UNICAUNICA SolarisSolaris Class 5Class 5 583.8583.8 d4 h17 m37 s53409073 d3 h12 m42 s40304960 77 Generate Report
SL ENERGIES GROUPE FASTWAVESL ENERGIES GROUPE FASTWAVE J111J111 Class 5Class 5 582.6582.6 d4 h17 m1 s47406907 d3 h12 m46 s27305187 88 Generate Report
ARKAS FLYING BOXARKAS FLYING BOX Ker 40Ker 40 Class 3Class 3 522.3522.3 d4 h5 m53 s40366820 d3 h13 m16 s29306989 99 Generate Report
WILD JOEWILD JOE RP60 CustomRP60 Custom Class 1Class 1 421.2421.2 d3 h10 m13 s19295999 d3 h13 m27 s29307649 1010 Generate Report
ROCKALL IVROCKALL IV One offOne off Class 4Class 4 568.5568.5 d4 h14 m53 s14399194 d3 h13 m36 s8308168 1111 Generate Report
AMAPOLAAMAPOLA Beneteau Oceanis 430Beneteau Oceanis 430 Class 6Class 6 649.4649.4 d5 h8 m43 s29463409 d3 h13 m57 s15309435 1212 Generate Report
ELUSIVE II BOVELUSIVE II BOV First 45First 45 Class 4Class 4 567.5567.5 d4 h16 m4 s28403468 d3 h14 m12 s26310346 1313 Generate Report
AURORAAURORA CANARD 41CANARD 41 Class 5Class 5 589.6589.6 d4 h21 m0 s18421218 d3 h14 m30 s58311458 1414 Generate Report
COIN COINCOIN COIN Sydney GTS 43Sydney GTS 43 Class 3Class 3 525.7525.7 d4 h7 m57 s9374229 d3 h14 m46 s42312402 1515 Generate Report
PLIS PLAYPLIS PLAY Swan 80Swan 80 Class 1Class 1 441.0441.0 d3 h16 m9 s53317393 d3 h15 m2 s26313346 1616 Generate Report
JIVAROJIVARO J 133J 133 Class 4Class 4 570.9570.9 d4 h17 m51 s46409906 d3 h15 m10 s46313846 1717 Generate Report
OILTANKING JUNOOILTANKING JUNO J 133J 133 Class 4Class 4 566.7566.7 d4 h18 m1 s49410509 d3 h16 m32 s18318738 1818 Generate Report
KUKA-LIGHTKUKA-LIGHT One Off 42One Off 42 Class 2Class 2 460.4460.4 d4 h0 m1 s35345695 d3 h16 m35 s42318942 1919 Generate Report
FOXY LADYFOXY LADY X 41X 41 Class 5Class 5 576.7576.7 d4 h19 m54 s11417251 d3 h16 m37 s23319043 2020 Generate Report
XP-ACT BANKS SAILS RACINGXP-ACT BANKS SAILS RACING XP44XP44 Class 4Class 4 551.8551.8 d4 h15 m7 s37400057 d3 h16 m37 s35319055 2121 Generate Report
CIPPA LIPPA 8CIPPA LIPPA 8 Cookson 50Cookson 50 Class 2Class 2 461.5461.5 d3 h21 m23 s40336220 d3 h16 m43 s46319426 2222 Generate Report
COURRIER DU COEUR COURRIER DU COEUR First 44.7First 44.7 Class 4Class 4 569.2569.2 d4 h19 m21 s54415314 d3 h17 m20 s51321651 2323 Generate Report
ARMONIA IARMONIA I BAVARIA 46 TURBOBAVARIA 46 TURBO Class 6Class 6 612.8612.8 d5 h6 m57 s21457041 d3 h17 m32 s10322330 2424 Generate Report
VIKESHA IIVIKESHA II Xp - 44Xp - 44 Class 4Class 4 554.2554.2 d4 h16 m38 s20405500 d3 h17 m43 s47323027 2525 Generate Report
VARUNA VIVARUNA VI KER 56KER 56 Class 1Class 1 389.7389.7 d3 h10 m10 s50295850 d3 h18 m24 s20325460 2626 Generate Report
DUFFYDUFFY Dufour 34 eDufour 34 e Class 6Class 6 659.4659.4 d5 h15 m35 s2488102 d3 h18 m27 s24325644 RDGRDG 2727 Generate Report
BENEMEDOBENEMEDO Comet 45 SComet 45 S Class 4Class 4 564.1564.1 d4 h20 m28 s0419280 d3 h18 m56 s34327394 2828 Generate Report
ARS UNA.ARS UNA. MYLIUS 15E25MYLIUS 15E25 Class 3Class 3 505.3505.3 d4 h8 m40 s58376858 d3 h18 m59 s10327550 2929 Generate Report
ATAMEATAME fastyacht fast 42fastyacht fast 42 Class 6Class 6 600.6600.6 d5 h4 m24 s38447878 d3 h19 m7 s45328065 3030 Generate Report
MIRABELLE ROSATOMMIRABELLE ROSATOM ELAN 350ELAN 350 Class 6Class 6 606.6606.6 d5 h5 m25 s19451519 d3 h19 m38 s30329910 3131 Generate Report
SEAWOLFSEAWOLF Pronavia 38Pronavia 38 Class 6Class 6 607.3607.3 d5 h6 m48 s7456487 d3 h20 m18 s46332326 3232 Generate Report
Neo Double Banks Sails RacingNeo Double Banks Sails Racing Neo 400 CarbonNeo 400 Carbon Class 3Class 3 544.2544.2 d4 h17 m46 s9409569 d3 h20 m21 s35332495 3333 Generate Report
TEAM CASCAISTEAM CASCAIS DC 1200 CrDC 1200 Cr Class 5Class 5 599.3599.3 d5 h6 m0 s19453619 d3 h20 m31 s17333077 3434 Generate Report
OJALA' IIOJALA' II ONE-OFF SLOOP ONE-OFF SLOOP Class 6Class 6 688.2688.2 d6 h0 m7 s17518837 d3 h20 m39 s32333572 3535 Generate Report
LIBERTINELIBERTINE Comet 45SComet 45S Class 4Class 4 559.9559.9 d4 h21 m47 s30424050 d3 h20 m56 s52334612 3636 Generate Report
HISPANIOLAHISPANIOLA EVENTO 42EVENTO 42 Class 4Class 4 562.0562.0 d4 h22 m0 s23424823 d3 h21 m17 s27335847 3737 Generate Report
Elmo's FireElmo's Fire ocean 71ocean 71 Class 4Class 4 560.4560.4 d5 h2 m43 s42441822 d3 h21 m23 s42336222 3838 Generate Report
GREEN CHALLENGEGREEN CHALLENGE BM Class 40BM Class 40 Class 3Class 3 525.2525.2 d4 h13 m30 s50394250 d3 h21 m50 s25337825 3939 Generate Report
ARS UNAARS UNA FY49FY49 Class 3Class 3 544.8544.8 d4 h20 m0 s9417609 d3 h22 m4 s43338683 4040 Generate Report
XPEDITEXPEDITE xp44xp44 Class 4Class 4 554.2554.2 d4 h21 m45 s44423944 d3 h22 m26 s46340006 4141 Generate Report
BELKA 2BELKA 2 Raketa 1200Raketa 1200 Class 3Class 3 520.7520.7 d4 h15 m2 s51399771 d3 h22 m39 s39340779 4242 Generate Report
RAINBOWRAINBOW C&C 61C&C 61 Class 3Class 3 530.9530.9 d4 h18 m22 s2411722 d3 h22 m55 s19341719 4343 Generate Report
CASSIOPEIA HEBE IVCASSIOPEIA HEBE IV Dufour 500 GLDufour 500 GL Class 6Class 6 609.5609.5 d5 h15 m1 s2486062 d3 h23 m27 s16343636 4444 Generate Report
PARMA PARMA Dufour 45Dufour 45 Class 4Class 4 567.8567.8 d5 h3 m4 s32443072 d3 h23 m29 s59343799 4545 Generate Report
DIGITAL BRAVODIGITAL BRAVO Club Swan 42Club Swan 42 Class 3Class 3 542.3542.3 d4 h20 m7 s13418033 d3 h23 m55 s31345331 4646 Generate Report
GNOSIS GNOSIS Azurre 40Azurre 40 Class 5Class 5 584.0584.0 d5 h6 m57 s47457067 d3 h23 m56 s18345378 4747 Generate Report
RUSSESRUSSES first 44.7first 44.7 Class 4Class 4 568.8568.8 d5 h2 m41 s28441688 d4 h0 m29 s42347382 4848 Generate Report
PEGASUS CITTA DI VERONAPEGASUS CITTA DI VERONA akilaria 950akilaria 950 Class 5Class 5 587.2587.2 d5 h5 m41 s55452515 d4 h0 m30 s33347433 4949 Generate Report
DREAMING SWISSDREAMING SWISS XC-42XC-42 Class 6Class 6 616.0616.0 d5 h14 m59 s29485969 d4 h1 m34 s1351241 5050 Generate Report
JUKEBOXJUKEBOX IMX 40IMX 40 Class 5Class 5 588.6588.6 d5 h9 m28 s42466122 d4 h2 m53 s54356034 5151 Generate Report
MOANAMOANA Marten 49Marten 49 Class 2Class 2 495.2495.2 d4 h12 m32 s33390753 d4 h3 m11 s25357085 5252 Generate Report
GAGARINGAGARIN First 47.7First 47.7 Class 6Class 6 605.7605.7 d5 h21 m44 s39510279 d4 h6 m15 s19368119 5353 Generate Report
JUNOPLANOJUNOPLANO One Off 60One Off 60 Class 2Class 2 461.7461.7 d4 h10 m9 s31382171 d4 h8 m47 s34377254 5454 Generate Report
BELLA SASSYBELLA SASSY Vision 50Vision 50 Class 4Class 4 566.4566.4 d5 h13 m5 s34479134 d4 h9 m20 s0379200 5555 Generate Report
DORADEDORADE Classic YawlClassic Yawl Class 6Class 6 613.5613.5 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 6060 Generate Report
FREYJAFREYJA ELAN 40 RacingELAN 40 Racing Class 6Class 6 614.7614.7 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 6060 Generate Report
MUCA MACAMUCA MACA XP 44XP 44 Class 4Class 4 569.2569.2 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 6060 Generate Report
VOLA VOLAVOLA VOLA Millenium 40Millenium 40 Class 3Class 3 536.9536.9 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 6060 Generate Report
MARINERIA ITALIANA MARINERIA ITALIANA Rm 12.60Rm 12.60 Class 4Class 4 561.4561.4 d0 h0 m0 s00 d0 h0 m0 s00 DNFDNF 6060 Generate Report