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Rolex Middle Sea Race

Final Results

Intermediate results are for general interest only and have no bearing on the final results of the race.

Race Event
Transit Points

Boat Name Boat Type Class GPH Elapsed Time Corrected Time Comment Pos Required Finishing Time
THREE SISTERSTHREE SISTERS Beneteau First 40.7Beneteau First 40.7 Class 6Class 6 609.1609.1 d4 h21 m21 s59422519 d3 h11 m43 s25301405 11 Generate Report
SAGOLA-BIOTRADINGSAGOLA-BIOTRADING Grand Soleil 37Grand Soleil 37 Class 6Class 6 618.1618.1 d4 h23 m54 s17431657 d3 h12 m41 s7304867 22 Generate Report
AMAPOLAAMAPOLA Beneteau Oceanis 430Beneteau Oceanis 430 Class 6Class 6 649.4649.4 d5 h8 m43 s29463409 d3 h13 m57 s15309435 33 Generate Report
ARMONIA IARMONIA I BAVARIA 46 TURBOBAVARIA 46 TURBO Class 6Class 6 612.8612.8 d5 h6 m57 s21457041 d3 h17 m32 s10322330 44 Generate Report
DUFFYDUFFY Dufour 34 eDufour 34 e Class 6Class 6 659.4659.4 d5 h15 m35 s2488102 d3 h18 m27 s24325644 RDGRDG 55 Generate Report
ATAMEATAME fastyacht fast 42fastyacht fast 42 Class 6Class 6 600.6600.6 d5 h4 m24 s38447878 d3 h19 m7 s45328065 66 Generate Report
MIRABELLE ROSATOMMIRABELLE ROSATOM ELAN 350ELAN 350 Class 6Class 6 606.6606.6 d5 h5 m25 s19451519 d3 h19 m38 s30329910 77 Generate Report
SEAWOLFSEAWOLF Pronavia 38Pronavia 38 Class 6Class 6 607.3607.3 d5 h6 m48 s7456487 d3 h20 m18 s46332326 88 Generate Report
OJALA' IIOJALA' II ONE-OFF SLOOP ONE-OFF SLOOP Class 6Class 6 688.2688.2 d6 h0 m7 s17518837 d3 h20 m39 s32333572 99 Generate Report
CASSIOPEIA HEBE IVCASSIOPEIA HEBE IV Dufour 500 GLDufour 500 GL Class 6Class 6 609.5609.5 d5 h15 m1 s2486062 d3 h23 m27 s16343636 1010 Generate Report
DREAMING SWISSDREAMING SWISS XC-42XC-42 Class 6Class 6 616.0616.0 d5 h14 m59 s29485969 d4 h1 m34 s1351241 1111 Generate Report
GAGARINGAGARIN First 47.7First 47.7 Class 6Class 6 605.7605.7 d5 h21 m44 s39510279 d4 h6 m15 s19368119 1212 Generate Report
DORADEDORADE Classic YawlClassic Yawl Class 6Class 6 613.5613.5 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 1414 Generate Report
FREYJAFREYJA ELAN 40 RacingELAN 40 Racing Class 6Class 6 614.7614.7 d0 h0 m0 s00 d h m s DNFDNF 1414 Generate Report