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Mark Napier

Name: Mark Napier

Title: Honorary Treasurer

Mark Napier has been an active member of the Royal Malta Yacht Club ever since being introduced to the club at the age of 12.  He has participated in many Club races and has assisted in race management on many occasions.

He has been continuously elected to serve on committee since 1998 where he has served the Club as Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, Rear Commodore Cruising, Rear Commodore House and as Vice Commodore.  He was one of the key members involved in relocating and rebuilding the Club house and was deeply involved in the setting up and shaping the organisation of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. 

Mark has held various directorships and worked in senior management all his life, starting off in textiles, then moving on to producing equestrian and marine related products, and in recent years has been managing a foreign owned Pharmaceutical Company.

In 2018 Mark was one again elected to the Committee and appointed Honorary Treasurer. 

He is married to Nadine and has two children - John and Elena.