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Although very simple to operate, the Rolex Middle Sea Race tracker is one of the most sofisticated yacht trackers around. It is full of features that enable you to enjoy the race from your the comfort of your armchair.

Should you not be able to operate the yacht tracker, please send us an email to: [email protected]

We will glady offer to help you out with any queries or difficulties you might have.

Help Topics

Please find below a description of various features found in our position tracker system.


You may select up to 10 entrants at a time by clicking on the checkbox which displays their track or by clicking on the entrant name to selects their track. Moving your mouse over the entrants to bring up further information.

Please Note: Entrants outlined in red indicates a delay in their tracking data and Entrants outlined in blue have retired.


A list of divisions used for the Rolex Middle Sea Race. When a division is selected, all those entrants in that particular division will be displayed.

Map Overview

The blue rectangle shows the displayed area of the map on the tracker. You can move the blue rectangle to pan the map around. Use the scroller on the side with your mouse pointer or wheel to quickly zoom in or out.

Top Menu

Various quick zooming functions including a refresh button to manually check for latest tracking data.

Please Note: The flash position tracker automatically checks for new data every 5 minutes.

Latest Race Data Time

Indicates the latest tracking data received from our tracking server and satellite system. This data could be from one or more entrants. Normally all entrants’ data will be synchronized and updated every 15 minutes. Entrants with delayed data will be outlined in red. Furthermore the flash tracker is automatically refreshed every 5 minutes to check for new data.

Please Note: Time is displayed in CET (Central European Time).

Position Tracking / Map

Tracking is shown after selecting one or more entrants from the entrants window. This is limited to 10 tracks/entrants at a time due to an increased amount of data displayed which may slow some computers. Each track contains various data points per entrant, each data point contains information which can be view on roll-over.


Displays various starting groups and their time including other indicators.

Connection Error

If you experience a connection error it means that the flash position tracker cannot connect to our server to collect data. This is usually because of temporary internet or server related problems. Please ensure that your internet connection is up and running smoothly and try refreshing the page by pressing CTRL + F5 (Command-F5 in Mac OS).