The three Egadi Islands form a mini-archipelago off Trapani and count some 4,600 inhabitants. Marettimo is not a mark of the race that has to be rounded, and generally the preferred course takes the fleet between it and Favignana (which has to be left to port). All three islands are blessed with beautiful coastlines immersed in glorious crystal-clear water and are known to have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Charcoal and animal fat paintings such as those found in the Genovese Grotto on Levanzo are from Palaeolithic times when it is thought that Levanzo and Favignana formed part Sicily. One of the bloodiest sea battles in ancient history, which signalled the end of the First Punic War, saw the Roman fleet under Gaius Lutatius Catulus decimate the Carthaginian fleet in 241 BC off Favignana. Red Cove takes it name from the colour of the sea following the clash.


Approximate distance from start: 338nm


Approximate distance to finish: 268nm

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