The small Italian island of Lampedusa is just 69nm (128km) from the Tunisian coast, while Sicily is 110nm (205km) to the north-east and Malta is 87nm (160 km) to the east. With an area of just 8 sq miles (20.2 sq. km) it is the largest of the Pelagie Islands. It is the southernmost part of Italy and Italy’s southernmost island. Historically, Lampedusa was a landing place and a maritime base for the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Berbers. The population is about 6,000 and its main industries are fishing (particularly sponge and sardines) along with agriculture and tourism. Once completely forested, but now totally barren, Lampedusa has been permanently settled since the 18th century. Il Porto is the only town on the island.


Approximate distance from start: 502nm


Approximate distance to finish: 104nm

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