Another small volcanic island of just 32 sq miles that is famous for its sweet wine, capers, raisins, and dried figs, all of which are exported. Tourism is fast becoming a significant industry for this wild place. The island features many extinct volcano cones, the highest rising to 836 metres above sea level, as well as numerous fumaroles, and plenty of hot mineral springs. Once a colony of Phoenicians and then Carthaginians, it passed into Roman hands in 217 B.C. Later, the island was taken by the Arabs in the 8th century and subsequently by the Normans some 400 years on. Given its strategic location, it was strongly fortified by Italy in the 20th century. During World War II, Pantelleria was bombed into submission by the Allies in 1943.


Approximate distance from start: 412nm


Approximate distance to finish: 194nm

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